Web Design 

We specialize in development of dynamic web sites with database back end. Our sites have integrated document management and eCommerce capability. As you can see this entire site is generated from a database.



GolemGear e-commerce site

The GolemGear on-line store provides a complete e-commerce storefront, which is managed by an easy to use administration web site. Complete back-end inventory, and order management system is part of the solution.

The site provides real-time credit card processing and shipping charges calculation.
The GolemGear storefront includes a robust built-in shopping cart, but it is also much more than just a "shopping cart", because it also brings content management capabilities  to the store (unlimited number of HTML pages, news items, image galleries, etc).  The site appearance can be highly customized.



Advanced Diver Magazine

THe ADM web site is an online complement to a printed magazine. All issues and associated images are organized in the back-end data store. This reduces the time-to-web to one day for each new issue. The day after the issue is shipped to the publishing house for printing, it is available on the web.
The site includes a shopping cart and a members-only section with real-time PayPal integration. Users can purchase an online issue and download it few seconds later. 



Dive Log
Dive-Log is an example of a database driven reporting engine for ongoing diving activities in a scientific institution. Annual reporting effort is reduced to a single push of a button as data entry is performed by users during the year.



  PEL Laboratories

This site is one of the front ends to a vast data warehouse providing access to terabytes of data accessible in multiple formats (PDF, Excel, CSV). The site provides users with data mining and data analysis capabilities.

  Diving in Depth

Large site built with our portal engine. It utilizes multitude of modules, from custom news feeds, classifieds and photo galleries to extensive document management. All members of the portal are able to write and submit articles, photos and video clips and those are automatically categorized and incorporated into the website.