As we all know, managing a dynamic Web site can turn to a real nightmare. Sure, there are literally hundreds of Content Management Systems (CMS), from simple freeware solutions to complex applications that cost thousands of dollars and require an advanced infrastructure and dozens of man/months in deployment and maintenance.


How does our Portal solution fit in this picture and what does it deliver?


Our portal engine will let you do what you want, without compromises and settling for less. Let's get to the point: Our portal engine is just what it is called, an engine that accepts pluggable modules that perform some specific task.

We like to think about it as a Rapid Application Development environment for Web site/portal development. And if you think it will require countless hours spent on training, think again: there are no new interfaces and procedures you'll have to learn. Your Web site is your drawing board. As an administrator, you can see it as any "ordinary" user, but you can also interact with it: move, copy, drag and delete modules by simple point and click or drag and drop operations. You can query every module about its state and properties, build a user hierarchy, create new templates, edit site texts in-place, and even work with the good old HTML.

And we are here to set it up for you, host it, and help you along the way. Our approach give you the control over your portal while drastically reducing the cost of implementation and management.